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Control Panels, Control Boxes, & Panel Wiring

RPI can design or build your industrial control boxes or panels with our experienced staff of panel builders. We assemble, wire, and pre-test all types and sizes of panels, and are committed to the highest quality workmanship and attention to detail. All work is 100% tested and checked for quality control.


Circuit Boards - Design, Layout, & Fabrication


RPI is ready to build your board directly from your gerber files, or design and build from your schematic using our OrCAD software. We are set up to do SMT or through-hole components.

RPI is continually investing in new equipment to further enhance its capabilities, and is currently installing a new SMT production line to handle quick change over and set-ups. This new line is designed to handle low to moderate volumes, and includes a Samsung CP40 SMT Flexible component placer & a ERSA Hotflow 7 high-end convection reflow soldering system.

If you need further information about our capabilities, call your RPI sales representative, or drop us an email describing your requirements.


Cable & Wire harnesses

RPI has the capability to provide a wide range of specialty cable harnesses and interconnect systems for most applications. Our expertise and flexibility allows us to utilize our resources to design and manufacture both standard as well as hybrid assemblies.

RPI provides:

  • Complete Turn-key Cable design 
  • Alternative & Cost Reduced Designs
  • In-house Design of Tooling & Fixtures
  • Custom Design of Interconnects
  • System Integration
  • Cablescan Testing

Our capabilities include:

  • Power Cords
  • Group Wires
  • Connector Assemblies
  • Jumper Wires
  • Lead Wire Assemblies
  • Automatic Cut and Strip of Wire and Cable
  • Labeling
  • Soldering and Tinning
  • Wire Testing
  • Automatic Terminal & Bench Crimping
  • Specialty Terminal Crimping and Connectors
  • Rapid Prototype Production



Engineering & Design Service

RPI's Engineering Team is comprised of experienced Mechanical & Electrical Engineers and Designers ready to assist you in your project needs.  

Our capabilities include:

  • Mechanical & Electrical Design
  • PC Board Design
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Machine Part Drawings
  • Electrical Schematics
  • BOM
  • Prototype Drawings
  • 3D CAD Modeling
  • Test Specifications
  • Programming
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Prototype Product development



CNC Machining Services

RPI's Machine Shop has experienced Machinists ready to manufacture your machine prints. We specialize in Aluminum & Plastic materials.

Our capabilities include:

  • CAM
  • CNC Tool Change machining centers (4)
  • CNC 425 Tree machines (3)
  • Shearing, Cutting, Drilling, & Tapping operations
  • Quality Inspection



Assembly & Fabrication

RPI's 25000 Sq ft facility has the floor space to manufacture your program. We have several assembly areas to handle light electro-mechanical type assemblies, and large manufacturing area to fabricate larger assemblies with utilities.

We also feature an Electronic Test department, Quality Control department, and Program Management.


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