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Products/Test Fixtures


RPI Modular Test System


These manually operated test fixtures can handle products up to 9" wide. The base unit is a standard bench top test system with removable nest and connector plates to allow testing of different products on the same base. It is available as a DIY kit or turnkey, and has many configurations depending on your needs.

1500 Series Burn-in Fixtures

Our burn-in test fixtures feature a easy lever operation with a simple drop-in product load. These fixtures also hold products by the connectors so the circuit board is stress free.

5091D Dual Test Stations

A fully automated test system that can handle products up to 10" wide. It features (2) independent load positions that share a common PLC control system. If one side is down for maintenance the other side can still test product. This station also utilizes an elevator so products can be sorted after testing; passed products go out the back to a conveyor & failed products are routed to a tray under the load position.

Like our 1200M Manual Test Fixture, the connector plates in the 5091 Dual Station can snap in & out without the use of tools. It is also available in many configurations depending on your needs.

2937F Final Test Stations

 A fully automated PLC controlled test system that can handle products up to 10" wide. It features a single load position that uses the same removable test plates as the 1200M manual bench top fixture. It also has an elevator to sort products after testing; products can either be diverted out the back to a conveyor or bin, or returned to the operator.

This station also features multiple test head locations that allow electrical connections at the front, sides, top, and bottom of the product under test.

5312T Compucab Test Boxes

 We start with a BUD Compucab enclosure and design it to your electrical requirements. The boxes are manufactured at our facility with our in-house machining centers and electronic assemblers. We also have a complete in-house engineering service to generate your schematic if required.

All boxes are electrically tested & pass a quality control check before shipment so you are assured a complete turn-key test box ready to use.


RPI Multi contact relay 8 amps



RPI's new air actuated, multi-contact functional test switch represents state-of-the-art engineering design in a computer controllable switch. It offers superior testing reliability and easier operation compared to plug-in manual units. It also affords low contact resistance and high current carrying capabilities.

The RPI test switch can be used anywhere multi-contact test switching is necessary, including end pint testing in chambers, life test, burn-in and test automation. In addition, it can be used on production lines to switch between test heads.

  • Low resistance through switch

  • (2) configurations available: form C switches (200) 8 amp lines, and form A switches (300) 8 amp lines.

  • Long life usage, contacts life exceed 100,000 cycles

  • High reliability and versatility, one switch can take the place of up to 600 relays.

  • features hypertac/hypertronic wiped contacts.

  • Computer controlled through a relay controlled air valve.

  • 19" Rack mount or panel mounting.

RPI air driven relay schematic


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