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RPI ESS Burn-in Chambers

Cart based systems

Product burn-in chamber test system              Product burn-in cart for test system.

RPI's cart based system makes environmental stress screening and testing easy. Our unique, air actuated door bladder effectively mates the cart with the hot chamber. The automatic interface connector eliminates errors in cart electrical connection making loading and unloading simple and trouble-free. Stimulus electronics that are positioned on the outside of the unit allow a usable inside work space of (48"H x 24"D x 43"W). This allows more products to be tested in less time.

Our state-of-the-art technology, combined with a variety of available chamber packages, makes environmental stress screening more affordable than ever before.

So if you need information to meet your exact custom fixturing needs, call your RPI sales representative, or drop us an email describing your requirements.



  • Thermal Performance from -40° to +125° Centigrade
  • Off Line loading of Product
  • Option for One or Two Bay Configurations
  • Air or Water Cooled Refrigeration Packages
  • Plexiglas Doors to Monitor Drive Boards
  • Complete Turnkey Systems


Automated In-line Systems

RPI's New Inline ESS Test System with Thermal Burn-in Chamber 

RPI In-line Chamber conveyor test system for product burn-in

A system for true environmental stress screening without batch loading. Introducing the new RPI patented In-line ESS Test System that allows testing at different temperatures while powering up your product throughout the system. It's modular, and can be arranged in many different configurations depending on your needs.

In the ESS system shown above, modules are arranged in a closed loop configuration, allowing pallets to make a continuous loop through the system. They are powered by brush rails throughout, and carry their testing electronics on top (outside the thermal chambers), so just your products get thermal cycled. Products are loaded onto fixtured PC boards that extend down into the chamber’s environment. They can be tested at any point in the system; allowing testing at any desired product temperature.

We also reduced maintenance concerns over other conveyor type systems by placing all our mechanicals for the conveyor system outside the thermal environment.


RPI Conveyor System with Thermal Chamber for product testing and environmental stress screening.

1. Load/ Unlaod 3. Return/ Buffer 5. Ambient Test 7. Door Section 9. Hot Test
2. Interface 4. Inline Pallet 6. Shuttle 8. Chamber 10. Cool Down

  • Double door sections between each chamber to provide maximum thermal isolation.
  • Inline Product Load & Unload Stations, DOA Stations, Multi-level Elevators, Repair loops, Pallet Storage.
  • Virtually unlimited test options for products at hot and cold temperatures.
  • Tests multiple types of products at the same time.
  • Provides for rapid product thermal transition rates. RPI has seen uncased product transition rates of 20º C/min from +125/-40º C. RPI has also seen cased product transition rates of 15º C/min over the same thermal range.
  • Mechanical refrigeration that is both reliable and provides for extended operation without LN2 purges or frequent defrost shutdowns to de-ice the system.




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