The RPI Modular Test Fixture System

RPI Modular Test Fixtures


RPI Modular Fixture with Snap-in Test Head RPI Modular Test Head Fixture Plate
  Simply place the test head on the locating posts and snap the clamps closed. It's that easy. When secured, all electrical connections are made with the RPI quick-change base unit.

Our technology partner IDI (Interconnect Devices Inc) provides us with the latest in probe technology and we use the best possible combinations to ensure accurate consistent testing of your product.
RPI Modular Test System - Snap-in Nest Plate
  The RPI 12" x 12" nest plates provide a large area to accommodate many different product types & sizes from circuit boards to fully cased products. Through custom designed connectors we can electrically connect to several different locations on your product.

We use the latest SolidWorks 3D Design Software.
RPI Modular Test System - Simply load product and test RPI Modular Test Fixture System Features

A simple manual rotation connects your product to the test system. An optional base enclosure routes all test connections to the rear panel. Additional test components can be mounted on an internal panel. A LED Indicator panel on the enclosure displays the test status. A slide rail is located on the enclosure sides to mount accessories.

 RPI Modular Test System - Options & Pricing

RPI Quick-Change Base Fixture

-Stainless Steel shafts
-Delrin slide bearings
-Roller bearing actuator
-Toggle clamps
-Plate alignment pins
RPI Base Enclosure

-Clear Anodized Finish
-1" extruded frame
-Bottom Circuit Panel
-Removable side panels
-Extension slide rails
-LED Indicator Panel
RPI Quick-Change Assembly

-RPI Quick-Change Fixture
-RPI Base Enclosure
-LED wiring

-Fixture Plate Set

-Anodized aluminum finish
-Mounting holes
-Nest & Connector plates
RPI Quick-Change Assembly R1

-RPI Quick-Change Fixture
-RPI Base Enclosure
-LED wiring
-Fixture Plate 37-pin connectors & wiring

R1 Fixture Plate Set
-Anodized aluminum finish
-Mounting holes
-Nest & Connector plates
-37-pin D-sub connectors installed.
RPI Custom Fixturing Plates - designed, tested & ready for product.
In-circuit board-level & Final cased product testing

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